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profesor adjunto . universidad de los andes . colombia

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NOTE: Papers and talks reflecting on my outreach work are here.

Selected organizing initiatives.

SFSU-Colombia Combinatorics Initiative
        An international research and learning community started in 2006.
        A 2016 article about it.

Encuentro Colombiano de Combinatoria
        An encuentro of mathematicians learning combinatorics in community since 2003.
        A 2020 article about it with Carolina Benedetti

MSRI-UP: Mathematical Sciences Research Institute Undergraduate Program (codirector since 2014)
        A summer research program to support students from underrepresented ethnic groups.

SF BUILD Faculty Agent of Change
       An interdisciplinary project to create institutional change at SFSU and UCSF that increases diversity in science.
       A 2018 short film about it.

Latinx in the Mathematical Sciences (cofounder)
       A conference showcasing the achievements of Latinx in math.
       A blog post about it by Adriana Salerno.

Combinatorial Theory (cofounder since 2021)
       An open access, mathematician-run-and-owned, doubly anonymous refereed journal.
       >90% of the editorial board of JCTA resigned to leave Elsevier and found CT.
       A 2020 press release about it.

Selected videos for a public audience.

Federico el matemático
        A YouTube channel with >200 hours of combinatorics lectures.
        More combinatorics resources.

The cross ratio and Roberto Carlos's famous goal
Combinatorics and higher dimensions
The math of fútbol stickers and its second part and a bit of story time.
Looking at perfect shuffles and its second part
        (Numberphile YouTube channel)

¿Las matemáticas son inofensivas?
        (Derivando YouTube channel, 2020)

Cómo usamos la forma para conocer el mundo
        (Ciencia en Bicicleta, Parque Explora, 2016)

Las ecuaciones de la imaginación
        (TEDx Teusaquillo, 2013)

Selected papers for a public audience.

Expository work for mathematicians is here.

Catalan numbers.
        on the Catalunyan separatist movement and combinatorics
        (Mathematical Intelligencer 38 (2016) 4-5.)

Números de Catalán.
        sobre el movimiento separatista de Cataluña y la combinatoria
        (universo.math 2 (2016) No. 3, Artículo 2.)

        with Richard Stanley
        (Clay Mathematics Institute Online Library; Mathematical Intelligencer 32 (2010) 32-43.)

        translation of "Tilings" to German by Gunter Ziegler
        (Mathematische Semesterberichte, 53 (2006), 17-43.)

        translation of "Tilings" to Spanish by Carolina Benedetti
        (Gaceta de la Real Sociedad Matematica Espanola 14 (2011) 463-490.)

Papers related to my outreach work.

Todxs cuentan in ECCO: community and belonging in mathematics.
        with Carolina Benedetti.
        (In press, 2020)

Todxs cuentan: building community and welcoming humanity from the first day of class.
        (In press, 2020)

CAT(0) geometry, robots, and society.
        (Notices of the American Mathematical Society (67) (2020), 977--987.)

Todos cuentan: cultivating diversity in combinatorics.
        (Notices of the American Mathematical Society (63) 2016, 1164-1170.)