federico ardila
professor . san francisco state university
profesor adjunto . universidad de los andes . colombia

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Sometimes I tweet, often about math.

When I am not at work, you might find me:

Learning with, exploring with, growing with, organizing with, DJing with, cooking with, building with, playing with May-Li. If you browse her website you will learn a lot about a lot of things. You will also recognize, very clearly, how much she influences my work and my world view.

Learning how to play marimba music from maestras and maestros from the Colombian Pacific coast, and sharing the music we love with Neblinas del Pacífico. Upcoming events are posted here.

Collecting records and sharing them with our Oakland-based DJ Collective La Pelanga. For many years I contributed to our music blog. We also had a podcast way back in 2014. I still like this mixtape we made in 2012, and others that I can give you if you still have a CD player, ha!

On the fútbol field.

Collaborating with and learning from organizations and projects and dear friends like:
Estamos Contra el Muro led by Sita Kuratomi Bhaumik.
Radio Ambulante led by Daniel Alarcón and Carolina Guerrero.
Oakland Street Stylers led by Dania Cabello and Arjuna Sayyed.
People's Kitchen Collective, celebrating the legacy of the Black Panthers' Free Breakfast Program:
    From the Farm to the Kitchen to the Table to the Streets
    Life Is Living Festival with La Pelanga
    Life Is Living Festival with Eryen Korath and Neblinas del Pacifico
Left Wing Futbol Club, which I haven't played with in years but I learned a lot from.

These wonderful people keep me from always thinking about work, yet somehow make my work what it is, also. I have to thank them publicly.

Finally, here's a little pet project, just in case you got it mixed up: It is Federico.