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The following is a list of books and other resources that you might find helpful. I have some of these in my office, in case you want to borrow them.

I will mostly follow the books:

o Richard P. Stanley. Enumerative Combinatorics, Vol. 1. (Second edition)
o Richard P. Stanley. Enumerative Combinatorics, Vol. 2.

Below is a (necessarily incomplete) short list of related books that I like. They are all reasonably accessible. I list them roughly in order of difficulty:

o R. Brualdi. Introductory combinatorics.
o M. Bona. Introduction to enumerative combinatorics.
o H. Wilf. Generatingfunctionology.
o M. Beck + R. Sanyal. Combinatorial reciprocity theorems.
o M. Aigner. A course in enumeration.
o R. Stanley. Algebraic combinatorics.
o C. Godsil. Algebraic combinatorics.
o P. Flajolet + R. Sedgewick. Analytic combinatorics.
o J. van Lint + R. Wilson. A course in combinatorics.

Note that the books by Beck/Sanyal, Stanley, and Flajolet/Sedgewick are available online here (a draft) and here (a draft) and here.

A great way to learn about recent developments and find open problems is to visit the math arXiv, where many researchers post their papers before they are officially published (and keep them there afterwards). You can search for any keywords that interest you.

A list of interesting papers is also coming soon.